Tracey Bush Artist

On the Same Page

Jagged Art

28A Devonshire Street



Page Turner

Private view: Wednesday 11th September Exhibition: 12th September-5th October

Exhibition in collaboration with Tracey Bush.

More than ever, when words and images seem to instantly evaporate into the ether, this show brings together works on differing formats- loose and bound, letters, maps, novels, packaging, photographs or specially printed- each work a tactile reality. Some small, like gems; others exploding beyond the pages, each work inspires a journey through the imagination. Artists books are a curious device. On the outside, just like many other books, but once opened seeming to reveal more of the artist and creating a more intimate relationship between artist and viewer.

Saturday 14th September. 10.30-1.30. Workshop

Make a simple stitched book with book artist Tracey Bush, using handmade paper and linen thread. Please email: